Performance Marketing Agency for DTC Brands

Hey — we're Bakeshop. We mix data and creativity to design bold new growth strategies for our favorite Shopify brands.

Growth is our bread and butter.

We're a small batch of best-in-class Shopify talent dedicated to delivering measurable value for our partners through performance acquisition and retention. If you have a product you wholeheartedly believe in, we'd love to get in touch and help lead your growth strategy.

Our services

Paid Media Management

Accelerate your growth through the help of direct response and viral storytelling frameworks. We design full-funnel, data-driven growth strategies for scale. We believe paid social is the primary lever for profitable new user acquisition. We identify and test the top offers, audiences and creative you need to achieve your marketing spend goals.

Landing Page Development & Testing

Unlock more efficient marketing spend with pages that cut through all your buyers' objections and predictably convert. We'll design, build and test high-converting pages to tell your brand's story more effectively and grow your conversion rate.

Performance Email Marketing

Keep your customers hungry for more. Our email marketing veterans create delightful and persuasive content that's tailored to your brand voice. With a proven track record for unlocking hidden revenue in Klaviyo, we help cultivate a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for seconds.

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Please note, we currently accept new clients by referral / invitation only.

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